Important for Mozambique

The following information much reach us at least 90 days prior to safari date.
a. A complete trophy list is needed in order to obtain the relevant trophy permits.
b. Three ( 3 ) passport photographs, full residential details of each hunter.
c. A Photocopy of your passports main pages.
d. Full details with regards to: make, serial number, and calibre of each firearm and the number of ammo in each calibre.
e. The photographs can be taken digitally and the copy of passport can be scanned and both emailed to us.
f.  Full residential address


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1. All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars
2. A 50%, non re-fundable deposit is required to confirm reservation.
3. Balance of daily rates or balance of package hunts have to be paid 6 weeks before commencement date of the Hunt.
4. Trophy fees, plus any additional charges are payable before departing the camp.
5. Only, cash will be accepted, unless prior arrangements with us have been made and confirmed by us.
6. Elephant hunts, minimum 14 days
7. All cat hunts, minimum of 14 days.
8. Sable hunts, minimum of 12 days
9. 10 days for 2 buffalo and 14 days for 3 buffalo required
10. On 7 days buffalo hunts only Bushbuck, Reedbuck, Warthog, Bush pig, Croc can be taken
11. All animals killed or wounded must be paid for in full before leaving camp.
12. Shots taken at hippo or crocodile in the water counting always as hit and are to be paid for in full.

* Charges, incur for the unauthorized shooting of female animals (+300 % )
*All quoted prices for licenses are subject to changes by the government

Daily rates includes:

- The service of a licensed professional hunter.
- The service of: camp staff, skinner and tracker.
- The field preparation of trophies.
- All ground transport in the hunting area.
- All meals and Laundry services.
- Bottled water, local beer and soft drinks.
Daily rates excludes:

- 17% VAT on day fees
- Community conservation fee of 50.00$ per hunter and / or observer per night in camp
- Gratuities, Hard liquor & Alcoholic beverages.
- Mozambique general hunting license $ 350. (Payable in advance)
- Gun license/import permit $ 250 + 100$ for each additional firearm. (Payable in advance)
- A basic fee of $350 per hunter will be levied to cover the local Veterinary and Agriculture transport permit and inspection
- The export documentation and Transport processing of trophies, packing, transport to exporter, export and shipping. (Cost $500 and up depending on the weight of trophies)
- Hire, of firearms and ammunition.
- Hotel accommodation, before and / or after the hunt.
- Air charters, immigration and /or customs fees.

Important information:
Because deposits are non-refundable, cancellation insurance is recommended. Clients should arrange their own travel, medical and accident insurance. Kruger African Safaris and its affiliates accept no liabilities whatsoever in regard to: Weather conditions, injuries or damage to persons and / or equipment.

Additional explanation regarding booking and deposits for hunts:

We highly recommend suitable travel and cancellation insurance for your own benefit! Look at:
In case of a postponement of the safari starting date there is normally no charge if the safari is rebooked for the same year providing if alterative openings are available. Requests, of rescheduling have to reach us a minimum of 90 days before commencement of safari. If the confirmed safari is postponed for the following season the client is liable for all game and hunting license fees, import permits fees for firearms and any extras booked for the safari. We will deduct 25% of the confirmed safari price from the received deposit and all licenses and permit fees. The remaining deposit will be credited for the following year.
Please note that hunting and game licenses are not transferable in Mozambique and only valid for the year issued. If the clients cancel the safari within 3 months before commitment date, without rebooking, he is fortifying the deposit. For cancelling the safari less than 3 months before confirmed commitment date without rebooking we reserve the right to charge the full safari price.


Due to the nature of Safari hunting, driving, boating and the general third world conditions on our hunting concession, Kruger African Safaris, their employees, guides and affiliates, do not accept responsibility for any client or dependent thereof in respect of any loss, injury, illness, damage, accident, fatality, delay or in convenience experienced. Our company Kruger African Safaris and affiliates does not allow the use of solid ammunition for hunting except on elephant and the small antelopes and follow up of wounded animals. In your own interest please use premium soft points such as Swift A frame, Rhino, Woodleigh etc. All outstanding bills must be paid cash in camp in full before departure. Late arrivals at camp will account as hunting days. No hunts are 100 % guaranteed successful. We make every effort to ensure that our clients are fully aware of all costs involved on each hunt to avoid any surprises. We do not guarantee exclusives camp use for individual hunting groups without prior arrangements

Extra charges occur for:

- Use of company firearms: $ 250 Per hunter per week / per firearm
- Ammunition charges Big game caliber rifles $25 Per hunter per round Medium caliber rifles $10 Per hunter per round.
- The client is responsible for any damage outside normal wear and tear on hired firearms
- Hard liqueur and wine is not being included in the hunting price and daily fees; only beer and soft drinks in moderate quantities are included.


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•    Fully licensed experienced Professional Hunter
•    All trackers, Skinners and camp staff
•    All concession, hunting and government fees
•    Full service on suite West African Style Safari accommodation
•    Fully equipped 4x4 Land Cruiser
•    All meals prepared by Chef
•    All soft drinks and mineral water
•    Local beverages
•    Transportation from airport to camp and back


•    Trophy fees, killed or wounded unless stated otherwise as in package
•    Pre and Post Safari hotel accommodation if applicable
•    Rifle License – US$ 150 / Rifle
•    Trophy transport to export company in Chimoio – US$ 400
•    Dip&Pack, Crating and Export of trophies
•    Personal items
•    Specialty brands of liquor
•    Gratuities for camp staff
•    Mozambique visa – Obtainable at port of entry
•    Bait for cats and crocodiles

Trophy Selection Process:

We are committed to the long term conservation of the hunting reserve and carefully select only mature males for hunting - no females or immature animals may be taken regardless of the situation. Lion trophies are restricted to males of 6 years or older and the decision and call on this is at the sole discretion of your professional hunter. Their decision must be accepted and adhered
to and there will be no refunds of any safari fees relating to this decision. Any mature male lion found to be with females who are lactating, have cubs or appear to be pregnant WILL NOT be allowed to be taken - there are no arguments on this issue! Elephant ivory from Mozambique is NOT ALLOWED to be imported into the United States but all other countries are allowed to import ivory from Mozambique - inquire with us before you book your hunt.

Permits and Documentation:

If you are hunting Leopard it is imperative to obtain a CITES 1 permit allowing you to hunt and import the trophy back into your home country - before you arrive in Mozambique . Lion are on CITES II which only requires a permit from the country of origin. Elephant are non-exportable for US citizens - other countries are allowed to import ivory from Mozambique (enquire with us before your trip).

Guns and Ammunition for Mozambique:

  • Regulations state a caliber of no less than 9.3mm or .375 magnum be used on dangerous thick-skinned game. This applies to all dangerous game other than Leopard for which a minimum of 7mm or higher is required.
  • No military style weapons or caliber’s are permitted into the country.
  • No more than 100 rounds per rifle and 200 shells per shotgun are allowed to be brought into the country, however please bring as advised in our correspondence.
  • Please make sure that you are shooting premium quality ammunition, loaded for African Game. For Buffalo, Elephant and Hippo bring the heaviest grain bullets you can get.
  • Ammunition is not available in Mozambique, however we may have a supply in camp
  • A temporary import permit for your rifles / shotguns is required. This is applied for in advance by us - ensure you give us all your firearm particulars, passport details and personal information (see form attached to this letter). One month before safari.
  • You will have to declare the amount of ammunition you intend bringing into the country. You will pay a customs duty and excise tax for each round of ammunition brought into the country.
  • You MUST tell us the exact amount of ammunition you will have on you as this has to be indicated on your firearm import permit. Please email copy of rifle documentation as well as passport copy and picture of you 30 days prior of the hunt. This is for permits very important.

Terms of Business:

  • Daily rate must be paid in full before the start of the safari. 50% deposit to secure the hunt.
  • No refund of deposit can be made if a client cancels the safari less than six (6) months before the contracted starting date, unless the safari can be rebooked.
  • In all other instances, the deposit will be refunded less 10% administration fees
  • If a client postpones the safari to the following year the deposit, less 10% administration fees and PH fees, will be applied to the postponed safari
  • Clients are responsible to settle the outstanding safari fees, trophy fees and charter fees in full, before their departure from camp. Payments can be made by transfer or US$ cash. No personal cheques or credit cards can be accepted.
  • Any safari hunting activity is potentially hazardous and it is essential that the lawful directions and instructions of the safari operator and professional hunter be followed at all times for the duration of the safari.
  • Hunting is a sport where chance plays an important role and therefore no refund of any safari fees will be made if the client elects to stop the hunt regardless of the conditions in the field or what the client perceives. No safari is a 100% guarantee and therefore no refunds will be made on day fees after the safari no matter what circumstances arise during the safari.
  • Neither Kruger African Safaris nor any of its affiliated companies, agents or sub-agents shall be or become liable or responsible in any way for any loss, injury or damage to or in respect to any person or property whosoever caused or arising.